2019-2020 Registration Guide


Our full season will run from September 5th to June 6th. Recital students will perform on June 6th. Those who decide not to participate in the recital will be finished with their classes May 28th.


Attendance will be taken at the beginning of every class and awards will be issued at the end of the season (recital students only). Ensure that your child is arriving to class in a timely manner. Each student needs time to prepare for their class – change their shoes, pull up their hair, etc. There are no tuition refunds for missed classes. If the studio must cancel class due to weather or emergency more than one time, a make-up class day will be scheduled. If you foresee an extended absence, as a courtesy to the instructor and their recital choreography, please notify your instructor as soon as possible. Missing class should not be something that is taken lightly. We have just one class per week to teach students technique, musicality and choreography. It is important for every student to be present each and every week and that every family place equal importance on their scheduled weekly classes.


Every student is required to wear proper attire and shoes to every class; hair is pulled back and no jewelry is allowed except stud earrings. No denim, street or school clothes are permitted. See Class Specific Dress Code Requirements on the bulletin board at the studio. Also note that IDT is a retailer for Revolution shoes and dancewear. We appreciate you purchasing your dancewear with us as it benefits the studio and is convenient for you! Shop online with the provided link or place your order in the studio office. Sizing kids are available to try on for the perfect fit.


All breaks and special events are detailed on our studio BAND app as well as our website calendar. Please make sure you have joined our BAND so that you may stay informed of all studio events and announcements. 

URL: band.us/@idtgeneral


Picture Days are April 17-18. All recital students will be invited and encouraged to take part.


The Inspire Dance & Tumble recital will be Saturday, June 6that the Knox County Memorial Theatre in Mount Vernon. Families with more than one child or students taking multiple classes may be required to attend more than one rehearsal AND more than one show. Rehearsals will be held at the theatre the week leading up to June 6th so please consider when scheduling appointments.  Detailed Rehearsal & Recital information will be distributed after the first of the year. All recital costume fittings will begin at the first of November. The Costume payment listed below is for each class the student is in, and the entire balance due must be paid by December 1st or the costume cannot be ordered. Parents are encouraged to make payments into their costume account each month.

   Attention: Tights will not be included, must be purchased separately from IDT in the office. This will ensure every dancer has the exact same color and style of tights for their performance. Tumblers will not need tights.


Tumbling Costumes  $55


Twinkle Star and Show Stars Dance Costumes  $65-$75


Recital and Competition Dance Costumes  $65-$75


XL Size Costumes  Add   $15 (we’ll notify you)


DO NOT use neighbors’ driveways for turn around and DO NOT park too close to STOP signs. There are several alleys that can be used to switch direction. Please leave the area immediately in front of the main studio entry door free of cars for curb side pick up and drop off. Parking options include the studio lot or street and around the town square. Do not leave trash in the outside areas around the studio. We strive to keep our community clean and respected.


Recital participation is assumed for all students enrolled in dance, BUT there will be an opportunity to opt out before December 1st. All students that choose to opt out of our spring recital are invited to remain in dance class but should understand that there will be times when we must try on costumes in class and work on recital choreography. Non performing students will be invited to learn recital choreography along with the other students but may be asked to step to the side occasionally when we’re working on spacing and formations. 


ALL tumbling classes will be considered non-recital classes at the beginning of the season. In November, all tumbling students will be asked to “opt in or out” of recital performance. At that time, we will work to create recital participation opportunities for those students that wish to perform their tumbling skills in our spring recital.

WITHDRAW OPTION (read carefully)

If you must withdraw from any class prior to the end of May, please submit a withdrawal form 30 days prior to your final class. This will give us time to try and fill your empty spot in class to ensure we are not losing necessary income to keep that class on the schedule. When you submit your withdrawal form, you should be prepared to make one final tuition payment before you are released from your commitment. Please plan ahead and request the form in the office to ensure it is turned in on time.

A note about commitment and how absences can affect everyone in your class:

We completely understand the desire to allow children to experience various sports and activities. We love to see the skill sets our students acquire through these other activities, but we also want to help you understand the importance of integrity and commitment to the class you have chosen to participate in at IDT. 

What happens when your child is absent? 

· The class cannot move forward with choreography (if they do, they have to learn it again the next week for your child).

· The class cannot properly understand their own spacing in lines and formations without your child present.

· Frustration and resentment build among the students that are committed to the class and the students that are not.

· Your child doesn’t understand why they are placed in a beginner level class each year instead of moving up with their peers.

· The instructor loses passion and feels defeated due to excessive absence.

An example of how this can play out and breed frustration:

January-Back to dance! The teacher is feeling energized and excited to get to work on the recital routine that she has been preparing for during her Christmas Break!

Week One: Parent called…Susie had a hard day at school and needs to rest this evening emotionally and work on homework so she will not be at dance class. 

Week Two: Susie comes down with a terrible cold and must stay home so that no one else is infected. They are very sorry to miss, but this cannot be helped.

Week Three: All students are present and choreography from the past two weeks must be re-learned to catch Susie up. The teacher is feeling confident about catching everyone up on the routine. 

Week Four: Two other students are absent due to a mandatory choir concert at school. 

Week Five: Basketball season is in full swing. Susie loves dance, but also wants to play basketball. Unfortunately, all of her games are on the same night as her dance class and she has chosen to miss dance again due to a scheduled game.

Week Six: All choreography must be re-taught again and the students that have been there every week are now feeling frustrated. Week Seven: Susie’s Grandma is admitted to the hospital and no one is available to bring her to class so she must miss again. Everyone feels terrible for Susie, but she has only been present three weeks out of seven and only two weeks when all of the rest of her classmates were in attendance. Students that have been to every class are frustrated as well as their parents. The instructor is feeling like the dance will never be completed on time and even if it is, it is going to look very messy in the show which will translate to our audience as a poorly put together routine. In reality, she spent countless hours (of her own personal time) re-working choreography and changing things to make them easier so that everyone could keep up despite absences.

As you can see, things can spiral out of control very quickly when attendance is not first priority for everyone. Please consider this when you think about skipping dance class when it isn’t an emergency or absolutely unavoidable. All of us are counting on you!